What does your website say about you?

As human beings our lives are very much directed by our instincts. It is often said that when we view a potential new home our minds are made up within seconds of seeing it. The same can be said when we meet new people, rightly or wrongly we make judgements about people. 

The same can be said for our online presence. For most potential clients their first impressions of us are gained as soon as they see our websites. What does your website say about you? 

For many people their website is either something they have designed themselves or purchased via an online company. There are many companies out there that will provide you with a functional website for a low cost. The downside with these companies is that in order to keep the costs low the websites they produce are based on a series of templates. Although this will get your online presence up and running it will probably look very similar to hundreds, if not thousands, of other websites out there in cyberspace.

As a photographer I see so many websites that incorporate images captured by the designer and are often of a poor quality. Again, the quality of these images reflects directly on you, the person represented by the website. An alternative for designers is to use "stock libraries". These are vast libraries of images supplied by photographers all around the world and available to be licensed for use by the designer. The positive side of this is that the quality of the image is usually high, stock libraries are usually pretty strict when it comes to the images they accept for promotion. Sadly the downside is that using stock images can be very impersonal, after all the images do not actually show you or your business. They are just generic images that could be used in a variety of different ways. 

The alternative is to have a bespoke website designed specifically for you. Tailored to suit your style and personality, something which offers a far better first impression to potential clients. The photography can be produced specifically for you and show you or your actual business. This is a far more personal touch and will reflect a much more positive impression of you and your business.

At the end of the day it all comes down to how much you are prepared to invest in your online presence. What may seem like an expensive option could serve you far better than a low quality option. You may be the best at what you do but if potential clients don't get past that first view of your website then they will never know.

A good example of a bespoke website is this one which was created for my wife, author Jessica Redland.


If you are considering a website for you or your business then why not get in touch. As a photographer I work very closely with a very talented web designer, Phil Welbourn. We would be happy to discuss your needs, after all it costs nothing to talk and explore the options we could deliver.