Action on the high seas!

This weekend brought the super stock powerboat racing to the South Bay at Scarborough. All the excitement of high powered boats racing around the bay.

For all the photographers it was a chance to get out and capture images of high speed racing. I captured a few images using a technique called "panning" which is basically tracking the action with the camera and then shooting using a slower shutter speed. If this is done correctly then the subject should be sharp but the background blurred. This is a techniques used to add a sense of speed to the shot. Not an easy technique to master but will worth the effort of trying. Of course it is easy for any photographer to freeze the action but that does not convey the sense of high speed movement in the shot.

It is important for all photographers to master every skill involved in the art, that way you are prepared to deal with every opportunity that arises,

There is no substitute for hours spent practicing! Photography is an addictive hobby but like all things you only get out what you put in. Many people think that the standard of photography  directly corresponds to the amount spent on equipment. This is a fallacy and an experienced photographer should be able to capture amazing images with whatever camera they have.

The best camera is always the one you have in your hand!