Saltwick Bay

On the North Yorkshire coast, just south of Whitby, is a magical place called 'Saltwick Bay'. Its a fantastic location for any photographer to visit and you never leave disappointed. Whatever the weather conditions you can always find an interesting shot. The main features of the bay is a rock formation known as 'The Whale' at one end, another called 'Black Nab' and a shipwreck. The bay consists of two very flat rock shelves and a sandy beach between.

The wreck is all that remains of a trawler called the 'Admiral von Tromp' which ran aground in October 1976. It went down on a stormy night with the loss of 2 lives. When you visit Saltwick Bay there is an eeriness about the place, a stillness which is very calming but not at all unnerving.

For a photographer the flat rocky shelves are left covered with a shallow covering of water at low tide and the reflections are spectacular. When the sun sets (or rises) the colours reflected in the pools can be amazing. Across the pools rocks are scattered providing interest which breaks up the water and produces interesting images.

The only downside to the bay is the steep climb back up the cliff path. Many of the best beaches and bays on the North Yorkshire coast are surrounded by high cliffs and require a bit of effort to access them. Although I say this is a downside it is well worth all the effort!

I would recommend that all photographers make at least one visit to this amazing location!