A great evening with the Rat Pack

Last night was my big chance to try event photography. A select group of us from the Photographic Society were invited to be the official photographer for the Rat Pack Show at the Scarborough Spa.

Although this is something I wanted to try the nerves were there before the show. I know that I have the photographic skills but could I apply them during a fast paced show. Below you will find a few of my images from the evening so you can judge for yourselves.

At the end of the day my experience was that I loved it, the time flew by and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing images of the show. It was a great show and although it was difficult to manage taking the photographs while the lights were constantly changing I had a fantastic time. Today has been spent in front of the computer processing my files but I am really pleased with the results.

Next month I am shooting my first wedding and after last nights experience I am really looking forward to it. Who knows this could be the start of a career in event photography!

Anyway, I'd love to hear your comments on the images I captured. Maybe you have an event coming up and are looking for a photographer!