The Big Day!

As a photographer it seems to be a common assumption that we all capture every kind of image imaginable. The reality is that generally photographers specialise in a particular area, that which interests them most. For some it is portraits, others prefer macro, wildlife or events, but for me it has always been landscape. Capturing the beauty of the world that surrounds us has always been my passion and although I have yet to venture very far I am lucky to live in North Yorkshire, a very beautiful part of the country and the world.

One of the common questions that photographers get asked is "Do you do weddings?" Up until now it has always been a question which has been answered with a very swift reply, "No!" The thought of the stress involved in capturing the big day for a happy couple was just too much. The thought of making a mistake and missing those special moments, moments that happen only once and cannot be repeated was just too much to risk.

A few months ago my sister Linda contacted me to ask if I would consider being the photographer at her best friend Alice's wedding. Alice was not going to be having an official photographer and Linda wanted to be able to give her a nice album of prints as a wedding gift. After a bit of thought I agreed, I took it as an opportunity to find out whether I could cut it as a wedding photographer.

On the 14th of August the big day arrived and surprisingly I was totally relaxed on the day. My plans went out of the window as it was a wet, foggy day and all the shots that I had in my mind were not going to be possible. The combination of having to think on my feet and a laid back bride and groom meant that the day was always going to go well. 

The result of this chance to photograph the wedding of Alice and Tony was that I have come to the conclusion that I would like to take on more weddings. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the opportunity to record the special day for posterity was a great experience.