Bluebells Everywhere!

On Wednesday evening I headed off with my dad to meet a friend of his, a fellow photographer, that would lead us to a fantastic wood that flows with bluebells. 

For now the location will not be revealed but it was a good drive to get there. As the bluebells only flower for a couple of weeks the location had to be checked out before we set off. The report came back that the bluebells were in flower and we headed off. 

Once we eventually arrived at the wood we were not disappointed, the wood was covered in a blanket of blue, an amazing sight. The wood itself is on a west facing hillside and runs for a good couple of miles. Sadly the evening was overcast and although we hoped that the sun would break through the cloud it never quite made it. Still, we managed to capture a few nice shots and its a location that will now be marked to revisit next year.

The wood is surrounded by farmland and a couple of cows visited us while shooting in the wood. They were very inquisitive and one of them took an interest in my tripod. Luckily I had my camera with me when this particular cow came across for a look at the tripod and proceeded to push it over. The cows both had calves in the next field and they were keenly watching through the fence. I managed to capture a few shots of them but they were quite nervous. 

All in all a great evening and it was a good opportunity to get out with the camera. I will definitely be returning next year and hopefully at a time when I can capture the setting sun batching the hillside with its warm evening light.

Bluebell Wood.jpg